8lb Brown Trout from Ripia River NZ

Heli Fishing trip to Ripia river

I have been looking forward to this trip for a while, a heli-fishing trip with Shaun and Martin who I have been fishing with for a few years now. We had planned this trip into a couple of blocks...

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 Brown Trout from Whakapapa River NZ

December Fishing Report

We have had an extremely busy few months and what a time we have had. Some great weather unbelievable fishing and awesome clients.

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Brown Trout trout from Tongariro River NZ

Tongariro river fishing trip

I was lucky enough to be guiding on the mighty Tongariro River in perfect conditions last week the river had flooded a few days before to 228 cumecs and was down to 40 cumecs the day we fished it.

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9lb Rainbow Trout trout from Lake Otamangakau

October 2016 Fishing Report

The season here in paradise is as good as ever although we have had our share of rain the fishing especially now is very very good with some of the best local action happening now. There are some very good sized fish around...

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brown trout from Lake Otamangakau

Lake Otamangakau opening soon

Well the time is almost here only 3 more days until that mighty Lake Otamangakau opens, also known as the Big O. The Lake has such a reputation for huge fish but fish that are hard to catch which is true but if you know what they want to eat you certainly catch a lot of fish over there.

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Tongariro river caught brown trout trout September 2016

Fishing almost too easy

The Taupo fishing for the last few weeks the weather has been good and boy has the fishing been hot as well some rivers are that full of fish it's almost too easy.

We have even had some spectacular sight fishing up the Tauranga Taupo.......

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Hinemaia river caught rainbow trout

It's Raining in Taupo

Well the rain doesn't want to stop here in paradise, the rivers are all high from the weekends rain and there is more foecast for Thursday

The fish have certainly been a bit slower this year however we have had some very good fishing......

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Lake Otamangakau good sized rainbow trout

Early Season Fishing Report 2016

We are coming into winter, the rain has started to fall and the trout are running the rivers, congregating at the river mouths......

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Hinemaia river caught rainbow trout

Winter 2015 Fishing Report

Hope you are all great and getting ready to catch lots of fish. I wanted to let you know that this is the best start to the Taupo winter fishing season that I can remember.

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Tongariro river large brown trout

May 2015 Fish Running

Rain rain and more rain with the odd beautiful autumn day thrown in but boy have we had some spectacular fishing. It is very early in the winter season but there are fish every where and again some real beauties if you can hang on to them.

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Amazing Heli fishing trip

April 2015 Autumn Fishing in Paradise

Well after such a great run of weather the cold and the rain is here athough it's not all bad we now have very good numbers of spawning fish through out the taupo tributries and for those into deer stalking the Sika are know roaring don't you just love our little country.

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