December 2016 Tongariro river Fishing Report

Whakapap river brown trout

23 December 2016

Merry christmas too you all

I hope all has been good

We have had an extremely busy few months and what a time we have had. Some great weather unbelievable fishing and awesome clients.

Between the huge fish of Lake Otamangakau and the back country to the numerous fish on the dry fly in the Tongariro river we have been having a ball. And of course the helifishing that really is to die for and should be on every fishermans bucket list. For an unreal helicopter flight to sight fish big rainbow and browns and lots of takes on the dry fly to spending a great night in one of the huts on the edge of the river blows me away every time i'm in there and I'm only doing the guiding.

Lake Otamangakau has been fishing very well this season and I haven't seen so many big fish like this for years the average fish size is up a lot on what it has been we have already had a few clients with fish to the taxidermist.

Back country rivers also going real good although the rivers have been a little high at times again the quality of fish has been unreal with nymph and dry fly.

Tongariro River has been magic with so many fish taking the dry fly and we even hooked into a batch of fresh fish last week!!

It should only get better as I have started to hear that lovely noise of the cicadas, and I hope that the cicada season is a good as it was last year. The Cicadas falling in the rivers are like a burley trail for the trout in the great lake luring them up in the hot sumnmer months.

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