December 2016 Tongariro river Fishing Report

Lake Otamangakau rainbow trout

31 January 2017

Hope you have all had a great Christmas and holiday season. Here in paradise we have been extremely busy with lots of people from all around the world staying and fishing, the cicada song is getting loud down here and the dry fly fishing is hotting up, brown trout running the rivers it's a great time to fish down here.

The fishing has been awesome as usual all though the wind hasn't been that great for the boat fisherman out on Lake Taupo. We have have been doing a lot of fishing on the Tongariro River as well as Lake Otamangakau and the back country.

Lake Otamangakau has produced some very fat fish with multiple fish over that magic10lb mark.

Back country rivers has been great Matheu and I went and had a look in a back country spot yesterday only fished for two hours and landed 17 fish on cicadas and nymphs

Tongariro River has been producing the goods with many fish been taken on dry flies we even managed a lovely 9lb brownie a few weeks ago.

We have had a few guys from the Australian Trout Foundation here recently and they are doing a great job trying to get the trout going again in AUS so any support from any of you over that way would be great Australian Trout Foundation

Videos from January 2017

New Zealand back Country Fishing
Cicada Fishing Tongariro

Troutbeck Lodge Webcam

We are pleased to announce that we have just launched a webcam view from the lodge, the idea being for people to see the state of the river.

Troutbeck Lodge RiverCam

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