September 2016 Turangi Fishing Report

Tongariro river caught brown trout

20 September 2016


We hope you are all doing well. Spring is here already and the weather here in paradise has certainly warmed up. Daffodils are out in the garden and under a month until the back country and Lake Otamangakau opens if you can't tell we're very excited.

But back to the Taupo fishing for the last few weeks the weather has been good and boy has the fishing been hot as well some rivers are that full of fish it's almost too easy. We have even had some spectacular sight fishing up the Tauranga Taupo. The great Lake is also still fishing well so that is a good indication that there is still heaps of fish yet too spawn I would expect to be catching fresh spawners right through to December.

Tongariro river fishing well red bombs, white caddis and small copper johns

Tauranga Taupo river - Red bombs, glo bugs

Hinemaiaia River - glo bugs and glo bugs

The delta and TT mouth fishing very well with white boobies and glo-bugs.

The Lake fishing well between 10m and 15m with white and yellow or green and yellow cobras.

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